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The spectrum of sexuality is broad and the one place you shouldn’t feel confined is when exploring the world of BDSM. I specialize in creating sessions that are as unique as your kinks. 
I have almost a decade’s worth of experience as a professional Domme and a personal kinky history that would make even the most seasoned players blush. I practice Risk Aware Consensual Kink with individuals over the age of 21 regardless of race, gender or physical ability.
As long as both parties are consenting, I’ve yet to judge a kink or fetish as ‘weird’...unless that's your thing, you little perve :) 
Instead, I see them as lines on a thumbprint: imprints that come together to make up the uniqueness that is you. So whether you’re a newbie on the scene, eager to explore your desires, or a seasoned vet who knows exactly what they like, come lay at My feet and watch your fantasies cum to life.

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