Let's play a game...


Isn’t it time you surrendered your power to a Woman who truly deserves it?


And deserve it I do, I can assure you of that. Beautiful, educated with a heavy sadist streak. I understand the art of the tease, the importance of control, and how empty it can be to live in a world where the scales are so unevenly balanced. 


I’ll break you down the way you’ve been aching for since adolescence and build you back up into the man you were always meant to be. A man who knows his purpose is to serve and his place is beneath Me. Because that’s what this is all about: My enjoyment above everything else, and the curl of My lip or bubble of My laugh will let you know you’ve succeeded. 


So let’s play a game, little man. One where we balance those scales and you learn what’s it’s like to serve a Woman who can truly hold all that power you’ve been unjustly given. One where surrender is your prize and control is Mine.


So let’s play a game, little man...and may the best Woman win.