Let's play a game...


Isn’t it time you surrendered your power to a Woman who truly deserves it?

And deserve it I do, I can assure you of that. A Toronto based Dominatrix who trained at one of the most infamous dungeons in Los Angeles, I offer online and in-person sessions to only the most deserving submissives.

Beautiful, educated, with a natural sadistic streak, I've been Dominant ever since I was a little girl (I used to make leashes for the boys in My kindergarten class). I firmly believe in mixing pain with pleasure. Well, My pleasure at least.  Nothing gets Me off like watching you suffer for Me, and I've never shied away from rewarding good behavior.


I understand the art of the tease, the importance of control, and how empty it can be to live in a world where no one ever tells you 'no'.

I will break you down the way you’ve been aching for since adolescence and build you back up into the man you were always meant to be. A man who knows his purpose is to serve and his place is beneath Me. 

So let’s play a game, little man. One where you learn what it’s like to serve a Mistress who can truly hold all that power you’ve been unjustly given. One where surrender is your prize and control is Mine.

So let’s play a game, little man...and may the best Woman win.