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Kundalini yoga...

A year ago this week, I started My kundalini yoga teacher’s training program. A decision, second only to becoming a professional dominatrix, that fundamentally changed the course of My life. If you follow Me on twitter, you know Kundalini yoga is a huge part of My life. A personal rule of Mine, is that I hold off an any interaction (human or electronic) until I complete My 2.5hrs morning practice. I do it for Myself, but I also do it as a commitment to the people in My life. Not as a favor, but as a promise. I believe (and I’ve been told) that this practice has helped Me show up in a better way for those around Me (friends, lovers, and submissives alike). I think so often we take on a personal practice thinking about how it will affect our lives (I did), instead of how it will also affect those who W/we interact with every day. Perhaps those in your life would enjoy getting to experience the best version of yourself, as well? Something to think about as you lug your bag to the gym today 😉 ** (**bruise on My shin courtesy of Muay Thai. Since My life is nothing but a series of extremes)

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