• Lady Isabel Ivy


Ice. With fall officially here, I’ve been thinking about what I'll miss most about those hot summer months. I remember, before I even knew what kink was, I used to take pieces of ice and rub them over My high school boyfriend’s nipples, earlobes, and neck. I used to love watching his reaction when the ice melted on his skin, turning to little drops of liquid that filled little crevices on his body. One of My favorite things to do (and maybe I’ve already done this to you) is to use it on nipples I’ve just released from clamps. They’re always looking so sore and red, and the owner of said nipples usually thinks their time in anguish is over. Not so much. I love the reaction. The horror, pain and ecstasy, all in the flicker of an eye, as the freezing temperature comes in contact with the burning heat. The icy cold water, seeping into the indents of hot crushed flesh. That’s the magic of sensation play: the tiniest, most mundane object can become the source of the most intense bodily experience. What is your favorite toy for sensation play?

Toronto Dominatrix Lady Isabel Ivy holds a melting piece of ice between her manicured red nails. You can see the droplets running down her fingers and wrists while the hot sun shines in the background.

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